Total Set-up = Cost Reduction

Total Set-up = Cost Reduction
A user must order a machine and a carrier device to different maker separately.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. can provide a machine and a carrier device in one order with consistent high quality of experiences and activities on the M/C set-up and the robot carrier fields.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. can work for cost-cut on intermediate charges with a total procurement, not only reducing any irritations of management.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd can decrease a machining cycle of robot moving to a limit without a jig adjustment.

Major Preset-up = Risk Avoidance

Major Preset-up = Risk Avoidance
In case of large scale of FA lines, a user has so many risks of unforeseen “troubles” after carried materials and machines in the factory.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. can perform a trial setting of max. 40m of line in own factory in advance to find any fatal trouble at a user’s factory.

Plan for Volume Production  Initial Follow = Reduction Plan

Plan for Volume Production Initial Follow = Reduction Plan
On a plan for volume production of a new product, selecting a cutter, confirming a cutting condition, designing a process, planning a carrier, and so on. There are so many specifications to validate, and also so many risks to decide.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. can perform to verify a trial cutting and a trial carrying using the M/C and the carrier robot for trial.
Repeating trial and error to search the best decision, and a scheduled plan goes fast. Calculating a time-cycle can be available by a simulation.

Many Specialized Machines = Special Performance

Many Specialized Machines = Special Performance
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. has accumulations of sure techniques through manufacturing many specialized machines and transfer machines.
We run for our power to be better with following up a customer’s idea by our various experiences.

Empirical Value = Ability to Make Proposals

Empirical Value = Ability to Make Proposals
Our customers have the policies as each facility standard/safety standard.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. has developed eyes to interpret safety and maintainability by many angles and views through approximate 50 of our customers’ policies.
We have a confidence to provide the best proposal upon the many our experiences for an unsure customer on the facility controlling specifications.

Movie of Pre-setup example

Robotic Technology

As a sample of our robotic carrier system, we introduce a movie of the Suspended Free-running Robot to you.
The robot of vertical indirect transfer type runs on the roof to transfer a work.
You can see a view of controlling the processing equipment by robotic integrated operation.


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