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Privacy Policy

Regarding the personal data of our customers

OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. will protect the personal data of our customers, which are very important for us as the management information.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. will declare compliance with all of our employees, and specifying our protection policy for personal data as follows;
We would like to protect the personal data appropriately to increase your confidence and expectation to us more than more.

  • 1. We will clarify the rules of handling the personal data and make well known to our employees. And we will require the same way of appropriate handling the personal data against any other related companies.
  • 2. If collecting the personal data, we will inform purpose to use in advance to our customers then will implement with their acceptances. And we will handle the personal data according to the accepted purpose to use.
  • 3. We will respond in a sincere manner for requests of disclosing, revising, deleting and cancelling of the collected personal data, by personal mail or personal call.
  • 4. We will take any necessary protecting measure for the collected personal data to prevent an accident of leaking.
  • 5. We will make efforts in the best prevention and correction for the personal data, not to occur risks of illegal accessing, breaking, losing, defacing, leaking and so on.
  • 6. We will perform any necessary improvements corresponding to audit by the third party for the personal data to be handled appropriately.
  • 7. We will review the rules of protecting personal data timely and appropriately, and will continuously improve them.


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【 Main Factory/FA Factory 】
110 Tomei, Iwata city, Shizuoka 438-0806, Japan  [TEL] +81-538-38-1130 / [FAX]+81-538-38-6120
【 Hamamatsu Factory 】
21 Yakushin-cho, Higashi-ku, Mamamatsu city, Shizuoka 435-0018, Japan
【 Mitsuke Factory 】
1768-13 Mitsuke, Iwata city, Shizuoka 438-0086, Japan

OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. has been producing the upgrading machining centers and manufacturing the machine tools and the jigs with aims of high quality on the sophisticating production for upgrading automatization and labor-saving technology expanding in the world.
OJSYSTEM Co., Ltd. has been analyzing all issues in the various fields by our independent point of views and developing each upgraded automatic machine and specialized machine using our accumulated know-how, and providing the appropriate devices for voice of requirements.